Monday, June 28, 2010

Irish Poker

For Irish poker you need a deck of cards one person is the dealer and everyone is dealt a card. NO ONE is to look at their card yet. The good part about this game is the dealer gets to play as well and they cannot look at their card either.

Then each person in a circle guesses if there card is red or black if they guess correctly then they give out drinks a 5 would be 5 drinks they can split this up such as 2 to one and 3 to another or one person can get 5. If they guessed wrong then they have to drink for 5 seconds (all numbers are the number they say, jack is 10 queen is 11 king is 12 ace is only 1).

Next the person guesses higher or lower than the first card that they have ace is low. Once again if they are correct then they give out if they are wrong then they take as many as the new card shows. If the card is identical to the card you had last time you have to drink 2 times the amount on the card. So 5 would be 10.

Next is in or out do you think the next card is in between your two current cards or outside of so if you had a 5 and a 9 (6,7,8 would be inside but ace through 4 would be out also jack queen and king would be out) if you are correct you give out if you are wrong you take. And once again same is drink that amount times 2

Last card you have to guess what suit your next card is going to be (Clubs, Spades, Hearts, Diamonds) and give or take your drinks accordingly.

Lastly make your train it goes in 1 rows of 4 cards and 1 of 5 the top row is give the bottom is take you flip each card over one at a time and if anyone has that number they give or take depending on if the card is on the top or the bottom the 5th card that makes the rows uneven is the worst whoever has that number has to drink a full can of beer on the spot.

I rate this game a 9 out of 10 it is a lot of fun and a large group of people are able to play at once.


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