Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Left, Right, Center is a game that my family started playing a while ago after they were introduced to it on one New Years Eve. Every person puts in three dollars you will also need three dice you can actually get dice that have an L, C, R on them along with a dot if you cannot find these you can make certain numbers the letters such as 6 is L, 5 is a R, 4 is C and one threw three are dots. You will also need to put a cup in the center. Each person has a drink all of them you probably want the same since you do not want to be mixing drinks and you will go in a circle whoever starts rolls as many dice as they have dollars (so at the start everyone has 3 dollars so you will roll 3 dice) then you do what the dice tell you to do each dice represents what you are to do with one of your dollars also what you are to do with drinks, if you get a dot you get to keep your dollar and no drinks are given out taken for that die, if it is an R this means the person on your right has to take a drink but also gets a dollar same for the person on your left for an L . If you get a C your dollar goes in the center of the table and you get to pour as much as you want into the center cup of beer (or drink of choice). Then your turn is over. If you run out of dollars you have to chug the center cup if anything is in it. If there is nothing in it you just got lucky. The winner is the person who ends up with that last dollar. Also remember you are not out once you run out of dollars since the person next to you could still pass it to you.

I would rate this game at a 7 out of 10 because it is pure luck and does not take a bunch of talent to play.

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